City Heights Memberships

Please select your membership payment or fee waiver option below, once completed you will receive an email with a registration form if you are a new participant. For additional information please contact your local Program Manager.

City Heights: Christine Duggan -

If you are paying for more than one member, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Select one Month-to-Month or Annual Membership

Step 2: Add any number of additional members by selecting matching Sibling Membership(s)

Ernie's Plan

*If you are requesting a Fee waiver, you do not need to make a payment at this time.*

Fee waiver requests require documentation of any of the categories noted below.
We encourage families who are requesting a fee waiver to make a donation of any size if they are able.

- Military -

- Provision 2 School -

- Free and Reduced Lunch -

- Special Circumstances -

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